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March 07, 2012
Change Default Program For Web Pages In Windows 7?
By Dave Taylor
I'm a big fan of Google Chrome as a Web browser, but every time I double-click on an HTM or HTML document, it opens up in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Eewww.. How do I fix it and change the default program for this type of file or content, Dave?

Dave's Answer:

You're touching the tip of a big iceberg, actually. Regardless of operating system, somewhere there's a table of file types and what applications can handle or display thoat content. Whether it's a ".MKV" video file, a ".PPT" presentation file or a humble ".HTM" Web page, each type -- and often, each filename suffix -- has an associated program that "owns" that particular kind of content.

Usually it's invisible and you don't much think about it. Double-click on a ".DOC" file and it's opened up in Microsoft Word. Double-click on a ".MOV" and Quicktime launches. No worries.

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