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February 21, 2012
Create New User Account On Windows 7?
By Dave Taylor
I'm going to be loaning my Windows PC laptop to my brother but don't want him to mess with all my files. I know that Windows 7 supports multiple user accounts because I obviously log in to get to my own. How do I add a new account for him to use?

Dave's Answer:

Smart solution to a common dilemma, whether it's a computer you're loaning to a relative (very nice of you!) or a PC that your kids use occasionally. Instead of worrying about them installing software, messing with your files and data and even reading your email, just set them up with their own user accounts.

Turns out you can do this quite easily on just about every modern operating system available, including Mac OS X, Linux and, of course, Microsoft Windows. Win7 makes it super easy too, once you know where to look.

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